Second Prize,  Over 18

Carol McGrath


We sailed those seven seas

in seven months.

Or was it seven days?

You gave me your cargo

and then set out alone.

I had babies,

dozens of them.

so I couldn’t follow you

off to the West,

off to the dusking day.

“Hello! Hello!” you called,

when what you really meant

was “Goodbye! So Long! Adios!”

When I touched

your death darkened body,

the coldness swallowed

my hand, my heart.

I knew at once

you must be hiding


Where sweetness still burned

And passion still played.

Carol McGrath photo (2)Carol McGrath grew up as the ninth in a Newfoundland family of 11 siblings, where poetry was often discussed over the dinner table. A teaching herbalist for almost 40 years, her essay, ”Scoil Coish Clai” (Hedgerow School) was included in  Stephen Harrod Buhner’s The Lost Language of Plants:The Ecological Importance of Plant Medicines to Life on Earth which won a Silver Nautilus Award in the Ecology/Environment Category. After 30 years living in Victoria, Vancouver Island, she moved 10 years ago to Arnprior, Ontario where she lives with her two great-nieces.


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