Second Prize, Poetry (18 and Under)

Emma Rektor

September 21st

The air has changed, but the sun is in denial.

The sun lingers on thoughts of hammocks,

bare arms, and condensation

sliding down lemonade glasses.

The air longs to cushion crisp leaves

as they fall from their lofty canopy thrones.

The subtle shifts trigger fanciful

hibernation instincts,compelling us

to build nests of feather duvets.

We light a fire in the empty hearth

and hazy smoke replaces barbeque fumes.

We soak in cranberry scented bath water.

I press my cold fingertips into warm palms.

raven3Emma Rektor is a Grade 11 student who attends Canterbury High School for the Literary Arts Program. She lives in Ottawa, whose weather and people constantly inspire her writing. From winter blizzards to summer thunderstorms, the weather certainly provides memorable experiences. Emma would also like to recognize her parents, her teachers at Canterbury and her talented friends also in the Literary Arts Program. This group of people has helped her grow and explore as a writer, for which she is very grateful. Lastly, Emma would like to thank her cats, for being wonderful distractions.


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