First Prize, Poetry (Over 18)


Elaine Coish 

Through the window the sky hugs the tops of trees

Snow patches cling to shadows


April is like that, a wound on winter’s armour.

Once, you were the figurehead on a ship’s bow

Cutting the waves


Now you are curled on a hospital bed, no bigger than a comma.

The red beep drips away your life

A metronome melody


I dread the inevitable break in its rhythm.

Elaine Coish picElaine Coish has been an inaugural member of Writers’ Ink at the Caledon Public Library for three years. In 2011 and 2012, Elaine won first place in both the short story and poetry divisions of the “Click, Create and Celebrate” contest (at the Caledon Public Library) and third place in 2013 in the short story category. Elaine graduated from York University with a B.A. in Creative Studies and before that studied Business and English, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax. Writing is a natural part of Elaine’s day. She continues to prod her creative muse for inspiration.


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