A New Poem by Sylvie Lahaie

Intimate Sufferings  

Sylvie Lahaie

untouched surfaces

birth temptation, long for companionship

you crave the blossoming warmth

through the embrace of another

like an invitation to liberation

confidential exposure

birth vulnerability, awakening

velvety fingertips uncurl young hairs

it is a merging of energies, exploring

deep crevices that can’t be ventured alone

feathery touches of a stranger

birth violent collisions of shame

doughy fingertips surfaced unforgiving thorns

from uncompassionate hands, her body left hostage

slaughtering of her spirit

grooves of scar tissue leave profound numbness

birth horror, senselessness

hands other then her own grip misconduct

ache runs through her veins and every exhalation,

escapes with unease.

markings from another fabricate a dungeon of her own flesh

birth desperation, detachment

to overlay someone else’s demon on her canvas

to create a masterpiece from his monster

to rise from this prison

the birth of freedom


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